DX by Friendzone is a hip-hop rnb EP that is confident, genius, and modern as any mainstream hip-hop being produced. The tag team James Laurence and Dylan Reznick claims that their EP is about the inner circle and not about a guy being “friendzoned”.

The duo have been bringing their characteristic, boundlessly satisfying production style to a pack of audience over the past few years, working with artists from Bay Area stalwarts Main Attrakionz to chart-toppers like A$AP Rocky.

Skewed vocal loops, hip-hop drums, an assortment of shimmering keyboards are all found in this EP. This just proves that hip-hop is as good as any pop music. Moreover, it is powerful as it is invigorating.

Kick off your day with the euphoric tune of Taswell, Retailxtal, Passion Breathing, Rest Pt 2, All My Life, and Hislo. The minimal use of vocals and the songs’ plain melody is as good as an ice-cold beer in the afternoon.


Luv You More Than Anything is a wonderland of vocal complement, precisely harmonizing a supple piano riff with a classically modest vocal and cascading keys.

8AM is one of the best songs in this EP. The slow piano riffs are just as subtle as the raindrops pouring on your porch. The only problem with this song is that you might not want to turn it off once you actually hear it.

This EP will break your common notions about hip-hop. Sexy, subtle, and sexified, this EP should be in everyone’s playlist.

Track List:
1. Taswell
2. Retailxtal
3. Passion Breathing (free)
4. Rest Pt. 2
5. All My Life+
6. Hislo (Feat. Finally Boys)
7. Amore
8. Poly
9. Luv You More Than Anything
10. 8AM
11. Another Jam for the Ages~!
12. Yr Touch Yr Bliss
13. 4 Yia Yia (Bonus Disc)
14. If U Knew (Bonus Disc)
15. Truth (Feat. Jeffro) (Bonus Disc)
16. Rest (Bonus Disc)
17. First Love XOXO (Bonus Disc)
18. Always (Bonus Disc)
19. Customer 1 +2 (Bonus Disc)
20. L.R.C. (Bonus Disc)
21. Shut the World Out (Bonus Disc) (free)

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