With the interesting graphic cover, V/VII Based on A True Story by PMagnum (Preston Magnum) is already demanding attention from everyone.

A collection of great stories interpreted by jazzy hip-hop beats, this EP comprising of five tracks gets more emotional and enthralling from start to finish.

Girl With the Tattoo starts off with the ethereal singing of Pmagnum accompanied by humming of backup vocals. The relaxed tempo of the song makes it an easy listening track.

Continuing the breezy approach is Midnight Love. Presented with funky beats set along with jazz tunes, this song builds a variety of sound that every hip-hop fanatic with love.

Over is as expressive as the four tracks of this EP. The drumbeats at the beginning of the song are catchy, thus, commanding the listeners to listen to it with much attentiveness. The lyrics are delivered with great emotion, especially at the part where he sings, “so I pray please let me love you, help me love myself so I could fall in love with someone else.”

A distinctive hip-hop experience is just a click away. With flawless lines and immaculate vocals, V/VII Based on a True Story strikes and escalates into sonic levels.

Track List:
1. Girl With The Tattoo
2. MidNight Love
3. Forever
4. Lose My Mind
5. No Going Back
6. Over

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