Vyclone is the app that syncs video you take along with those of others, letting you create a multi-camera video. This app from Vyclone Inc has an intuitive interface and comes with editing and delete features, plus you can share your video on Facebook easily. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot movies with different iPhones or a supported device, this app can do it.

The first thing you have to do is sign in using Facebook or Vyclone. After you and your friends download Vyclone you can start using it or adjust the various options available. Once you are all signed in you can begin shooting at various angles and the app will do the job of putting them together.


There are five filters available that you can choose from before shooting, and once everything is set Vyclone will look for your friends who are using this app, after which recording starts. Audio isn’t an issue as the app relies on the strongest audio signal available. Once everyone is done shooting Vyclone will edit the videos so you get a single multi-camera video of the event.

The default editing used by Vyclone works fine and should suit most users, but the app lets you tweak some settings too. Although the concept may seem new to users, there’s really nothing to the learning curve and you’ll be using it no time. The bottom line is if you’re among those who love shooting videos with friends during concerts, parties or other occasions, then you’ll like Vyclone.

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