MediaPortal is an open source media center for Windows that will allow you to use your PC to manage all your media. Developed by Team Media Portal, this software gives you full control over your TV, music, videos, images and more, and you don’t need to be a tech expert to learn how to use it.

For starters MediaPortal lets you watch and record your favorite shows on PC that is networked, while the TV Guide lets you organize your favorite channels and keep an eye on scheduled airings, look up TV show details and more. MediaPortal also gives you full control over your music using your own player or use their own sound effects.


In addition, you can view images of your favorite artists and album covers, and you can organize music by genre, album, artists and other ways. The software can also create auto playlists or you can manually create them. In addition, MediaPortal makes it a breeze to scan your photos and images, either on their own or as a slideshow. The slideshow feature also comes with several transition effects.

MediaPortal is also customizable, with skins available for both widescreen and regular screens. MediaPortal is not lacking in support for videos, BRDs and DVDs either as you can watch them using simple controls and view cover art too. Just like with your music collection, MediaPortal lets you organize movies and videos in many different ways. Bottom line: if you love music, movies and have lots of pictures, this is an application you’ll love.

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