Mythical Beast is an album by indie acoustic electro duo Demeter Grieving and was recently released last April 10, 2014. Expect soul-soothing and relaxing listening experience, as this duo gives you the songs that can make you sit and fall in love with their rhythm.

Tokyo Ice Tea kicks off with  a blend of acoustic guitar and soothing electro mix, which is perfect for a lazy Sunday driving. The beat of the first verse will make you stop what you are doing. The clarity of the lyrics is perfectly matched with the strings of the acoustic guitar because you can clearly hear the message of this LSS-inducing song.

Have you ever felt being abandoned? Then you should try listening to Icarus, the longest track in Mythical Beast. From its message and the arrangement of instruments, the track exudes a certain rawness that stirs you into the core. The good thing about this track is they only rely with the acoustic guitar, maintaining its pure melody. This is one of the few songs that are flawlessly done with only one instrument.


The album is not all about just relaxing melodies, but it also has a peculiarly fun side as heard in 10 Years Old. Listen to the quirky beats to this celebration of being young and free.  This song is proof that Demeter Grieving is versatile as they go beyond the genre and use a straightforward approach in writing.

Healing they replaced guitar with piano; the song is all about healing the world, from the title itself “Healing” the message of the song is obvious. But this track is a special one, because the piano provided an emotional ambiance to the song. However this song still fits to the soul soothing signature melody of the duo. But what makes this song more than just a relaxing one? Definitely not just the piano, but the combination of the sweet melody and haunting lyrics.

Surely Mythical Beast will not just capture the fans of their chosen genre. But their musical flair is proven in this album; they can try different kinds of melody, but still committed to their acoustic signature style. This album has 8 tracks that will surely be part of your acoustic playlist.

Track List:
1. Tokyo Ice Tea
2. Icarus
3. 10 Years Old
4. Someone, Somewhere, Somehow
5. Healing
6. Alarch Y Môr
7. Mythical Beast
8. Tokyo Ice Tea (Live & Acoustic)

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