JumiOne by JumiTech is an iOS remote desktop app, and with it you can use your iPhone or iPad to control your Windows PC. This app has features that would normally require downloading of other apps, but JumiOne gives you control of your desktop’s camera, mouse and other applications.

JumiOne gives you control over the main functions of your Widows PC as well as many kinds of software including Winamp. Unlike other general purpose remote desktop controllers, JumiOne is fully optimized for Windows PCs, and they work seamlessly on either iPhone or iPad.


JumiOne is compatible with PC computers running Windows XP, Vista and up and it is versatile too. Unlike other apps that can only connect via Wi-Fi, JumiOne can be used with 3G, Wi-Fi and Edge, so there won’t be any connection issues here. Another benefit provided by JumiOne is it is updated on a regular basis. This means you don’t have to worry that your app is outdated or not being able to control your desktop applications.

While offering a lot of features, JumiOne is easy to use, and their website provides a lot of support, and a detailed FAQ as well. Once you have JumiOne installed you can use it to play your PC’s media player, use your mobile device as a controller for games, and many more. One of the more interesting features here is the JumiMouse as it converts your mobile device to a mouse, keyboard or a wireless remote control. Last but not the least, JumiOne can also transmit audio and video on PCs.

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