Collaborating online and sending tracks virtually through multiple back-and-forth until they’re perfect is how Cory Nelson, Alan Thomas, and Nathan Miller a.k.a. Canopy Climbers manage to create music despite of living in three different cities.

In Distances, the trio gives listeners a sneak peek on what they have been brewing for quite some time. The album focuses on some of life’s most notable themes such as God, faith, love, and loss. This sampler available via Noisetrade offers four of the standout tracks in the album.

Opening track Far welcomes the ears with a lovely contrast of textures. Listen as saccharine piano melodies are laced with sharp-edged electro tunes. The track is a celebration of the alt-electronic genre where industrial tunes are tweaked to fashion even the most astute ears.

Lazarus follows with spacious arrangement that evokes an ethereal atmosphere. Ghostly, layered vocals add to the song’s ambience, making the listeners feel as if they’re floating on a galaxy of electro tunes.


Mute closes the album with low reverberating beats that spins within the track’s core, painting dark edgy soundscapes that match the industrial/electro samples.

Distances serves as a jump off point to this trio’s success, and we hope to hear more of Canopy Climbers in the future.

Track List:
1. Far
2. Lazarus
3. Rope
4. Mute

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