Childish Gambino surprises fans with a new mixtape titled STN MTN, the other half of which, KAUAI, is an EP availabe on iTunes. Packed with eleven tracks, the American actor, writer, comedian, rapper, and producer collaborated with several hot artists such as Kari Faux, Young Scooter, and R O Y A L T Y to bring a superfluous hiphop collection that transcends common flavors.

Dream Southern/Hospitality/Partna Dem opens with spoken-word poetry, where Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino focuses on setting the atmosphere for the audience by playing on the dynamics of tone, slang and rhyme. The infusion of this once celebrated genre is a breath of fresh air to mainstream hip-hop. Childish Gambino treats the track as an experiential moment, where imagination plays a major role in creating a holistic experience.


Fucks Given (Prod. by Nick Banga) evolves from percussive breaks and synthesized beats. The slow, hushed development between the RnB-tinged vocals gives an air of swag and sensuality to boost the piece. While Money Baby features an intricate blend of synthesized beats and booming lines. Gambino’s soft soulful vocals balances out the sharp reverberating beats, creating a pleasurable listen even after several plays.

STN MTN does not only commits on creating lovable hiphop tracks; it also takes into consideration the cohesiveness of each track. It is a showcase of true hiphop elements that are utilized without the frills.

Track List:
1. Dream Southern/Hospitality/Partna Dem
2. Fucks Given (Prod. By Nick Banga)
3. No Small Talk Feat. Kari Faux (Prod. By Black Party & Kari Faux)
4. Money Baby
5. Move That Dope/Nectel Chirp/Let Your Hair Blow Feat. Young Scooter (Prod. By Zaytoven)
6. AssShots (Remix) Feat. R O Y A L T Y (Prod. By Big Soj)
7. Childish Gambino @ The Atrium
8. U Don’t Have to Call (Prod. By Ludwig)
9. Candler Road (Prod. By Tim Suby & Childish Gambino)
10. All Yall
11. Go DJ

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