Start your day with some playful folk punk and a kick of madness from Bogsey and the Argonauts. Hailing from San Diego, California, the group is the brainchild of Brandon Boggs, Patrick Erhard, and Nick Farrow.

In Skinned Knees, the trio makes crappy days feel a bit brighter with banjo-infused melodies and quirky vocals featured in the collection’s twelve tracks.


Burning, and Other Misfortune is a charming, humorous, and VERY honest song about hating someone, wishing that bad things would happen to that person. Yes, it’s a bit harsh, but the lines and out-of-this-world ‘bad’ wishes are what makes it fun and overall playful.

Based on a sad, true experience, Sans Funeral is a straightforward song that uses glorious banjo country arrangement and hand-clapping rhythm to lighten up the mood. Crystalline features positive lines and intricate strings, creating an empowering track for that busy day ahead.

Listening to Skinned Knees makes us feel a little crazy and weird, which is precisely what Bogsey and the Argonauts‘ music is all about. So here’s a high-five for these guys, we can’t wait for more honest, fun, and straightforward releases.

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