In spring, our winter-long hibernation ends, urging us to peel off our cocoons and shift forms. As this season takes into full bloom, let us re-shift not only ourselves, but also our music, paving a way to fresh new sounds that will accompany us throughout the new season.

Blue Herons’ self-titled LP features eleven track of tasteful indie pop that offers a new palette of shoegaze sounds tinted with light, glowing colors. Blue Herons is the dream pop project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Eric Rubin from Gainesville, FL.


Currently active on the local music scene as a four-piece band, Blue Herons has attracted eager ears through layers of ’60s pop chord progressions, which have been reprocessed and revamped with a modern taste while creating an overall atmospheric vibe.

First stop is Fold Like a Chair, a subtle pop rock piece that stages an interelatedness between subdued elements, which slowly grow into a celebration of instruments, and the budding fauna of spring.

Just a Dream slows the mind to a state of temporal musical bliss. For a moment, both the self and the music merge to create a sound that does not separate itself from the ears. Listen as fluttering, playful keys and voguish vintage rock create this particular kind of experience.

In Youth & Pride, Blue Herons invites us to sigh away our worries and let dreamy chimes dissolve our inner heaviness while Falling Out of the Air is a complete surrender of the senses. Close your eyes and let your whole body become a vessel of pure sound, the melodies flowing out through your pores and enveloping your skin.


It’s hard for us to shift shapes after a long cold period of familiarity, but Blue Herons and the seeming weightlessness of their sound, helps us to look, listen, and relish the changing of seasons.

Track List:
1. Fold Like a Chair
2. Just a Dream
3. Attrition
4. I’ve Been Thinking
5. Golden Eyes
6. On Repeat
7. Youth & Pride
8. Barb
9. You Didn’t Have to Be So Nice
10. The Everglades [Instrumental]
11. Falling Out of the Air

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