It is always nice to hear them young ones pay tribute to something that is way past their age, especially in music. That is exactly what Summer Salt did in their Driving to Hawaii EP – a refreshing take on good old rock ‘n roll mixed with indie sensibilities.

Stripped down to just vocals, drums and bass, Summer Salt’s music is as pure and unpretentious as it can be. The members describe their band as a “rock’n’roll three-o of best pals” and once you hear their music, you can almost feel the palpable friendship that ties the three together.


Sweet to Me starts off with a vocalization than then unfurls to a folky croon. It is a serenade done the Summer Salt way – with just the right sprinkling of surf pop. Driving to Hawaii is as straightforward as a beach song can be. It opens up with the sound of waves crashing before ushering in a smooth sailing guitar and drum rendition. The song is best described as soothing and tropical as you imagine the band playing atop a yacht at night, with the horizon flickering in the background as you move farther away the dock. Give my Heart a Little Break is the main love song of the album. It easily reminds one of that part in a wedding reception where people pair up to dance with their partners, heads resting on shoulders, hands around the waist. It is a nod to the big band tunes and the outstanding romantic songs of that era.

Summer Salt is the embodiment of the dictum that age doesn’t matter. They are a young making spectacular music way beyond their age. It is amazing how well they blend the old with the new and just sticking to pure talent combined with mature musical sensibilities.

Track List:
1. Time Away from Home
2. Sweet to Me
3. Rockaway
4. Driving to Hawaii
5. Give my Heart a Little Break
6. Fall as a Feather

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