Animosaix is a Widows application that takes your images turning them into a mosaic with wallpaper and screen saver options. The app is not only free but it’s small – only 1.2 mb – so it only takes a few seconds to download and install. When installing you will be asked if you want to install additional apps, but you can decline the offers.

Once the application is installed you can go to the Configuration settings which should visible on the System Tray. From this setting you can modify various options such as where to search for images, when the screensaver will start and how often you want the wallpaper to be changed.


If you have images of you and your friends on vacation, you can use all those images and turn it into a mosaic. From the Configuration settings the application will choose all the photos you specify and decide on the size and style of the mosaic.

The default value for changing the mosaic wallpaper is 15 minutes but of course you can change this. 15 minutes is also the default setting before the screen saver is activated, and like the wallpaper it is comprised of mosaic images. In addition the screen saver zooms in on the photos that make up your mosaic.

Animosaix is a cool application, and the only limitation is your computer’s power when it comes to processing pictures. The more memory and CPU your computer have, the more images can be used for mosaic wallpaper and screen savers.

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