Immerse yourself in fresh pop electronic tunes with Kay Weathers’ eclectic collection entitled Songs For Lucy.

Kay Weathers’ sound is a strong blend of ambient and sensual hues that awakens the listeners’ senses and inner desires. Her sound is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, Fiona Apple set in an atmosphere akin to Radiohead.


Packed with five tracks, Songs For Lucy revels in a haunting soundscape. Opening track Bored Games entices the ears with high-inducing vocals set on a backdrop of ambient, dark undertones with a slight touch of electric guitar for texture. Here, Kay Weathers opens her heart and belts out lines inspired from her personal relationships.

Revel follows with a mild blend of subdued electric guitar and ambient chimes. Kay Weathers’ waywardly delivery tickles the senses to musical bliss. Meanwhile, Lucy paints vintage soundscapes with textured vocals that are perfect for slow dancing.

Burnout closes the collection with an intriguing mixture of dark bass and classical instrumentation. Let Kay Weathers ignite your soul with slow burning, echoing melodies.

In Songs For Lucy, Kay Weathers celebrates femme power through well-curated pieces that are composed to give listeners the ultimate ambient experience.

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