Ninite has one purpose, and that is installing your favorite applications. If you use a lot of programs it’s going to take a long time to install everything, and that is where Ninite can help. With this utility, installing your favorite applications has never been simpler, and you can use the program immediately with virtually no learning curve.

When you visit the official website you’ll see a list of applications that you can install with Ninite. Place a check mark on the programs you want to install, and as you will see from the list, it is very extensive. These are divided into several categories such as web browsers, file sharing, security, messengers, online storage, utilities, documents and more. Supported programs include Chrome, Firefox, Skype, Avira, VLC, Dropbox, Gimp, Evernote and more.

After checking the ones you want, press the Get Your Ninite button. An installer will be downloaded that works with the applications you chose. After the download, run the file and click yes if administrative permission is requested. Now you just sit back and wait for Ninite to install the programs you chose.

That is really all there is to it. Ninite won’t ask any more questions, no pages to click or anything like that. Once the programs have been installed you can start using them, that’s it. You will rarely if ever encounter problems with the installation, so if you are tired of downloading and installing programs separately, give Ninite a try.

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