Experience that right kind of high in murk daddy flex‘s third compilation album. Packed with a hefty set of 19 tracks, the Athens, GA-based artist treats us with chill hip-hop beats.

With musical influences like Nujabes, A Tribe Called Quest, and Modest Mouse, murk daddy flex’s music plays in the realm of hip-hop and instrumental with evidences of hydrogen drum machine.

An easy listen while driving, Interstate 88 opens the album with a steady flowing beat. Kodana and Evening Song fall on the hypnotic, drifting sonic style added with a kick of soul. The altered echoing vocals in the aforementioned tracks give edge and variety to the album.

Kadream opens with this line, “Dancing, music, champagne–the best way to forget and to define something you want to remember.” This experimental track infuses classical disney-ish music with slow rhythmic beats, crafting a unique track that’s perfect for late night dinners.

A personal favorite, Lucky Cards is an elegant arrangement of jazz-influenced tunes that lets the listeners absorb the music and draw them closer as the beats spins in their ears.

Wrapping up is porgy, an eargasmic instrumental piece that makes use of repetitive sounds, quirky piano play-ups, and a handful of drum machines.

Listening to murk daddy flex’s third compilation reminds you of lounge music that’s chill but still carries a certain kind of energy that doesn’t make you doze off. The album is available as a pay-what-you-want/free download on bandcamp.


1. chet’s introduction
2. interstate 88
3. evening song
4. kodama
5. edaline
6. interlude 1
7. untitled
8. kadream
9. bergamot
10. ethel’s intermission
11. january
12. a tribe called kinsella
13. interlude 2
14. lucky card
15. eggplant
16. promenade
17. michael’s beat
18. lets get lost (interlude)
19. porgy

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