Liza induces intimate moments with her debut EP titled February 29. In this album, the Toronto-based artist tickles us with four luscious tracks for some eargasmic experience.

Talking to HNHH, Liza explained that her new EP is a reflection of her life – her journey and experiences. Describing her songs, she said that it’s very personal as every track is a reflection of who she is.

“This project helped me sort through and express many feelings, and ultimately helped me confidently set boundaries when it comes to relationships, love and life,” Liza confesses.

Let You Know What welcomes the ears with soothing vocals that fluctuates organically along with subtle electro keys. The song is a vital mood-setter for the whole album, it shows Liza’s intent to linger and celebrate a particular moment or feeling, embracing its beauty with well-written lines and minimal soulful aesthetic.

Next stop, You, features Liza’s sultry vocals. It has the power to enchant you without being grand. The beat-work in the track is also commendable – it’s thick but not overpowering, atmospheric but still pumped enough for an R&B vibe.

All Alone shows an artistic surge from Liza, where she’s not afraid to draw into herself and play between robust and quiet moments.

Meanwhile, Ride closes the stellar collection with waves atmospheric melodies folding into one another. The languid, fluid melodies amplify Liza’s penchant to modern psychedelic soul/r&b sound.

February 29 is on a different plane when it comes to theme, experimentation, and style. Here, Liza makes self-reflection, loneliness and emotions sound elegant in refracted, sultry signature sound that she can call her own.

Track List:
01. Let You Know What (Prod. CVRE)
02. You (Prod. Juda)
03. All Alone (Prod. Nahum & Vincent Basil)
04. Ride (Prod. CVRE)

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