Judah & the Lion, the band from Nashville, presents another folk rock collection for old and new fans.

In this ten-track, self-titled collection, Judah Akers (guitar and lead vocal), Brian Macdonald (mandolin and vocals), Nate Zuercher (banjo and vocals), and Spencer Cross (drums) proves that passion, talent and experience always produce good content.

Forever Always welcome the ears with an experimentation between indie rock/pop melodies and electro vocals. Here, Judah & the Lion tests modern influences and makes it work with well-loved sound.

Kickin’ Da Leaves is a highly addictive piece that derives its influences from rock as well as tinges of Swiss folk music. Surprisingly, the result is an enchanting playful piece that’s bursting with new flavor and energy.

The band brings back folk country charm with Back’s Against The Wall. Judah’s twang and crisp vocals blends well with banjo music for a musical gem that’s perfect with late-night drinking with old friends.

All in all, Judah & the Lion‘s self-titled EP shows that the band is comfortable in their own skin but is still continually pushing the boundaries with little tweaks and addition to their signature sound.

Track List:
1. Forever, Always
2. Kickin’ Da Leaves
3. Rich Kids
4. Reputation
5. Insane
6. Folk-Hop Sound
7. Hold On
8. Twenty-Somethings
9. Mason-Dixon Line
10. Back’s Against The Wall

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