Singer-songwriter Barefoot Mccoy‘s impressively moving second album, Bye Bye Bluebird is a product of the artist’s time in Kentucky, where he developed a fascination with Appalachian culture and also the writings of naturalists like Thoreau and Wordsworth. We see these influences being blended together by Mccoy on the album to create a style that is distinctly his own.

Listening to Mccoy on Bye Bye Bluebird is both a soothing and uplifting experience. His lyricism is sincere and touching as he describes to us the places he has seen and the memories he has made, but what makes his stories truly poignant is how personal and intimate they seem. Take for example, the song Cali which plays like a love letter to the city while also recalling Mccoy’s own trials and tribulations. The backdrop, meanwhile, is an organic mix of soft finger-picked guitars, harmonicas and the occasional banjo. The slight Dylan-esque twang in Mccoy’s voice also adds to the album’s vivid country feel, and the hooks are consistently catchy. Listeners looking for something gentle and deeply emotional are in for a treat.

Favorite Tracks: Questions for Dalila, Cali

Track List
1. Already Flown
2. Cali
3. Bye Bye Bluebird
4. Questions for Dalila
5. You’ll Come Too
6. Hope Is On The Rise
7. Raindrops and Roses
8. Riddles On My Heart
9. The Nighttime Belongs To You
10. Salutation Song
11. Fall
12. I Gave Up
13. Leaving Song

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