Color Out, the brainchild of rocker Dave Hedrick, first caught our attention in 2015, with its delightful self-titled debut EP. The record, while being thoroughly enjoyable, also introduced us to Dave as a deft song-writer and a relatable lyricist. As the artist returns to the scene with another EP, he his sharper and more polished than ever.

Forget Yesterday picks up right where its predecessor left off, with its early-2000s rock influences and irresistible hooks. But this time, Dave’s sound is more upbeat and and his style, more refined. Each track see-saws between brittle and mellow passages and heavier, distorted ones echoing the styles of Weezer and Third Eye Blind. Backing up these solid compositions, is a pristine production value that many may find surprising for an indie release. Opener Peace in Suffering with its blistering chords and shifting tempos is an instant highlight, while the title-track gives us glimpse into the artist’s punk-ier side. Falling Star, meanwhile, with its twinkling guitars and bittersweet tale, neatly closes the EP and its lyrical threads of love, loss and youth.

Favorite Tracks: Peace in Suffering, Kay

Track List
1. Peace in Suffering
2. Kay
3. Mistaken
4. Nothing to Lose
5. Forget Yesterday
6. Falling Star

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