With the mobile market crammed with a ton of games, it takes something special to make it stand out. Ketchapp, no stranger to casual mobile games, has another one called Knife Hit and it is enjoyable for the simplicity. The premise of the game is simple, hurl knives at a wood slab as it rotates.

It sounds simple enough but you cannot hit the same location twice otherwise it is game over. The more knives you throw on the wood, the more careful you need to be to not hit any. If you hit and cut the apples on the rotating slab, you will be able to unlock additional knives and take on new challenges. That is all is takes to play the game and you should get the hang of it quickly.

Of course like any casual mobile game, Knife Hit sounds a lot easier than it is. The key here is to develop the right timing so you can hit the target. You will probably see more than a few game overs the first few times you play, but you will get better at it. Aside from throwing at a wooden slab, you get the chance to hit other surfaces as you advance the game. No matter how far you advance the control is simple, just tap the screen and it will launch the knife.

After every 5 levels you compete against a boss which consists of a surface with uniquely drawn faces. As you get to the higher levels you will face other challenges that will leave you wanting more.

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