Growing up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Garvin uses hip-hop as a true art form, his own personal way of connecting with creativity and emotion. He combines aggressive rock motif with shout-along rap hooks which is a quite famous style in todayís genre.

Up In The Air is very loose and lively. It provides a party-ready fare feel and Seasick at track number one opens up with frantically racing rifts and a thundering beat while Garvin spits out ingenious rap verses.

Parasite delivers the same consistency with the addition of few cool effects and an interesting catch at the bridge. Generations makes use of creative wordplay and vivid imagination that lets you picture the song in a rather unique and distinctive way.

Shallow is another good song that showcases the artistís rapping ability while Fish In The Sea wraps it up all too well and pretty and leaves us somewhat asking for more.

Garvin has a lot of potential and if you enjoy listening to music that fuses two of the most interesting genre, you will surely have a great time.

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