A good mobile game does not need to have state of the art graphics or complex plots to be entertaining. There is a niche for one tap, endless-type titles and that is where Planet Bomber fits in. Developer Voodoo has more than its share of quality casual releases and Planet Bomber can be added to the list.

As you might guess from the title, Planet Bomber is all about bombarding, well, planets. When the game loads you will see a planet – circles set on on top of one another – with a dot on the middle. That is the core and that is what you need to destroy. Take out the core and you complete the level and start a new one.

To bomb the planet you just tap anywhere on the screen and your missiles and explosives will fall drop there. Tap and the missiles detonate and will chip away at the planet. At the bottom of the screen are options for upgrades. You can choose different types of missiles, bombs and unlock new ones.

Some missiles are very powerful but need time to load up. Others are less so but have more wire ranging effects. As you play you unlock more missiles and bombs, and that is a good thing since the planet spins which can make it difficult to aim at a specific part. Planet Bomber has a basic concept – tap and bombs away – but it poses quite a challenge in the latter stages, but that is a good thing as you will want to keep playing.

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