Ketchapp is known for their casual mobile games that take straightforward mechanics and turn them into addictive titles. Their latest release, Flippy Race, takes the classic Ketchapp formula and revs it up. This is a boat race where you need to do flips and collect all the boats. With its quick pace and simple mechanics anyone can get in it.

The controls are very simple, press down to speed the boat and let go to perform a flip. Make sure to move left or right to avoid obstacles in the water. This isn’t just about getting to the finish line though as you need to do as many flips as possible to emerge victorious. Timing is important as you don’t want to flip too early and crash your boat.

Controls are responsive and at maximum speed you can do more flips over the waves. If you’re not at top speed you can still flip and spin provided the platform isn’t too high. The more flips you can do the better, but it’s going to take time to get the range and distance right. Again the key is to avoid hitting objects while racing and flipping as it likely means game over.

Also, you should collect those coins and gems to unlock more freebies and bonuses. While Flippy Race is about racing there’s some strategy needed too. For instance you have to slow down at some point to avoid obstacles, so there’s plenty to keep you hooked on Flippy Race.

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