Panda Pop from SGN is a match three puzzle, and it’s a good thing the game developer gave a lot of thought to the development of this game so it does not come off as a rip-off of the many match three titles available. The plot involves panda cubs that have been trapped in bubbles by a baboon, and you have to free them by matching threes.

The dastardly baboon that put the cubs in the bubbles intends to sell them, but you can assist the mama panda freeing them by matching three or more bubbles with the same color. Once released the baby panda will float down and you repeat the process. But don’t let that simple premise deceive you because Panda Pop is actually a good game, and it’s helped by the Chinese inspired aesthetics which is cute but never cheesy.

The game bubbles correspond to the four elements: red is fire, green is earth, yellow the sun and blue water. There are matching lanterns on the bottom of the screen, and when you pop bubbles of a similar color, the corresponding lantern fills up and provides you with a boost. Each lantern provides a different power up, but what they all share in common is it will help you match more bubbles.

Panda Pop also lets you combine power ups in levels where there is more than a single lantern, helping you clear out more bubbles. All in all, this is an exciting game that breathes new life into this genre. If you think you have played all the match 3 games, gives this a try.

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