I Have Clones (Rob) is an up and coming musician from UK. His genre of choice – Electronica / Screamo – is not very popular on today’s music scene, but he is getting many positive comments on this social networking websites praising him for being unconventional and innovative. He has already released a single called ‘New Years Eve’, a two track Sampler, a remix of the Dance Gavin Dance tune ‘Alex English’a and a mini album “Music 2.0” – all available as a free download on his website. His concert schedule on MySpace shows him playing shows in almost every day (in July at least), so if will be in UK, you will have plenty of chances to see I Have Clones live.

I also must admit I love the name! I have no clue where it comes from, but I can easily imagine an extremely busy musician striving to make time between university, recording his music & playing concerts while secretly wishing he could have clones to do everything at the same time. Am I far off?

Here is an excerpt from AbsolutePunk.com by Broclee:

The true gem of this album comes in the form of “She Chose Chav,” a track that alternates between more glitchy synths, an anthemic chorus, and a breakdown that seems natural, all with the best lyrics that Bloc Party never wrote and some high-screamed vocals dispersed just enough to create some goosebumps. This track really proves how seamless and natural the electronics feel along side the heavier elements of I Have Clones’ music. In a perfect world, “She Chose Chav” would be a hit, and a saving grace for the genre.

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