Seelye Engineering , the developer of F Stop Gallery for Android, certainly did their homework here. Right off the app distinguishes itself with its simplicity. Images in your device folders can be sorted by name, number of files, large thumbnails, enhanced view, list view, grid view etc. Want to change settings? You can do so from the side and the 3 dot menu, and we are just getting started.

Using taps and swipes you can make new folders, move images and relocate them to other folders. Aside from the view options described earlier, the app also lets you browse and search images via ratings, favorites, tags and more. You can even set up a password so no one else has access to them. while F Stop is mainly for pictures, the app also has a videos folder which is another handy feature.

F Stop gives you access to image metadata, plus it has a slideshow mode so you can view pictures similar to a presentation. No app worth its salt is without social media sharing features and this is no exception. You can share your images on Flickr, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media apps. F Stop also has what it calls Smart Albums that automatically updates the images as you and remove items.

For most users those features are enough but there is more. Want to bookmark a favorite folder? You can bookmark two of them, and it is unlimited in the paid edition. The paid version of F Gallery also has other features such as an explorer type view of your folders and customized arrangement of pictures via drag and drop. While these features are impressive, the free edition of F Stop is more than enough for most Android users.

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