EDM (electronic dance music) has gone from the underground into the public consciousness, and acts like Atomic Cat are doing a hell of a job keeping the music fresh and invigorating. Their latest effort, Between Trance and Dance, is a superb concoction of trance and EDM, with modern touches and also elements of classic dance. This album is filled with a zest for life and a joy to dance and listen to.

Find Me Tonight is filled with energy, with a crackling mix of synth, electronica and persistent beats. The vocals match the music and this is going to get you moving at the club or at home. The same urgent rhythm is present in Your World . From the tempo to the futuristic samples, this is the kind of song you’d expect to hear in a video game soundtrack or when racing at top speed.

The next track is Popcorn Revolution with its thundering intro and balanced rhythm and sounds. its got this powerful sound while still retaining trance characteristics. With Out of the Dark we get a more uplifting song as evidenced by the lyrics, but still with plenty of oomph to get you moving. This same bright optimism is echoed in Life in Your Mind which starts off slow then builds to a faster tempo.

Two Hearts is like a classic dance pop tune about love, featuring some truly hypnotic beats complemented by the right vocals. With Melody of Whispers it has the same atmosphere as Your World , with a more futuristic feel to it and yet also contemporary.

Ocean is one of the most remarkable songs in the album, using the ocean as a metaphor for love and encasing the lyrics in upbeat grooves. Angel Dance features some complex arrangements, with numerous shifts in mood and speed. Lastly we have Save Me , a slow number compared to the rest but still enthralling. it’s an atmospheric, beautiful song that encapsulates the elements in Between Dance and Trance .

Favorite Tracks
Find Me Tonight
Your World

Track List
1. Find Me Tonight 3:52
2. Your World 5:42
3. Popcorn Revolution 5:00
4. Out of the Dark 4:12
5. Life in Your Mind 4:18
6. Two Hearts 5:00
7. Melody of Whispers 5:08
8. Ocean 4:11
9. Angel Dance 4:48
10. Save Me 3:33

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