(Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, BB King)

U.S. Army Blues: Live At Blues Alley

Chase last year’s blues away with a record that’s sure to transport your senses back to the yesteryears. Live At Blues Alley, a collection of jazz tunes recorded live, definitely fits the bill. It’s brought to us by the long-standing U.S. Army Blues, an Army Dance Band that entertained soldiers and civilians in dance zones during World War II.

The Record Company: Feels So Good EP

Let the rhythm and blues of The Record Company wash your stale day over. Early this November, the band, which is based in Los Angeles, released their second EP, Feels So Good. The Record Company is a trio composed of Chris Vos, Alex Stiff, and Marc Cazorla. Although their music has been compared to the classic sounds of Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, the band has found a way to add a fresh twist to their own music, making them timeless and unique.

FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Vol. 4

And the time of the year came again to share with all of you the best of 2013 FrostWire features. From blues, to pop, electronic, hiphop and rap comes 12 of our favorite tracks from our favorite artists. Last year over 294,000 of you downloaded our Mixtape Vol. 3 – this year lets take those numbers even higher, because the great musicians behind this compilation certainly deserve some love.

Balance and the Travelling Sounds: Departure

Here’s one ‘departure’ from the usual R&B and soul you’re exposed to: Balance and the Travelling Sounds. Calling their funky music as “neo-soul” (remember Lili K?), the group meshes musical tropes from the jazz, R&B, and hip-hop genres to create a type of music that’s both nostalgic and unmistakably modern at the same time.

Parker Smith: Solo Flight

Solo Flight by Parker Smith is an EP composed of songs from live recordings culled from Parker Smith’s solo tour in December 2012 through Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and North Carolina. Released last 2012, the 11-track EP offers bluegrass tune at its finest.

Daniel Greenwood: Goldsmoor

Goldsmoor is a hit goldmine, the one of the recent releases from the wildly-tasteful British music machine. Coming forth in the vein of Ed Sheeran, it’s not hard to adore how Daniel Greenwood crafts his music: smooth, heartfelt, and consciously ostentatious – but that naturally comes with the excitement and the youthful exuberance that comes with being a normal 20 year old.

Nonpronto: EP

Melt your heart in jazz ensembles with Nonpronto‘s self-titled EP. Featuring five polished pieces, Nonpronto explores the territories of jazz, piano, and blue-eyed soul. Hailing from Chicago, the piano-driven trio is composed of Dan Collins (Vocals, Keyboards), Josh Murtha (Bass), and Luke Angle (Drums). The trumpet and saxophone in the tracks are recorded respectively by William Miller and James Hammond.

Ashton Parson: Walk on the Water

Sit back, relax, and tune your precious headphones to Ashton Parson’s debut EP, Walk on the Water. Brooklyn native Ashton Parson, whose genre of music he describes as “swamp pop”, sounds more like a dainty equivalent for pop. Nevertheless, its ‘catchiness’ sits right beside that soul-infused brand of pop rock which plagues Maroon 5 and The Script’s records.