(Orbital, Crystal Method, Lords Of Acid)

Stars: No One Is Lost Tour EP

Canadian indie-rock band Stars has been around since 2000 and they show no sign of slowing down as they release a new five-track No One Is Lost Tour EP. It is hard to believe that it has been more than a decade since the band’s breakout album Set Yourself on Fire. Their latest EP is a tight collection showing the band’s dance-y and electronica side.

Breathe Compilations: In Vitro- La Danza de los Solitarios

Breathe Compilations, a Mexico-based pure netaudio label created in 2008, brings new ecletic tunes to old and new fans. In Vitro‘s La Danza de los Solitarios features eight imaginative pieces that showcase intriguing collages of beats and electronic tunes, creating an utterly dance-inducing techno sound that will leave you in a trance after every play.

Timecop1983: Waves EP

Timecop198’s Waves EP is a study of the 80’s music and how it has withstood time and emerging music genres to remain steadfast as ever. Dreamy synths, syrupy beats and steady pulse are enveloped in this five-track EP from this outstanding talent hailing from Netherlands.

SoUnD WaVeS: Running Not Skipping

LA DJ, SoUnD WaVeS (Michael Martinez) might not be a household name just yet but he can create catchy tunes worth churning out over the dancefloor. SoUnD WaVeS started DJ'ing back in 1999 where he used the moniker, DJ Brownsugar. Combining his skillful mixes along with this personal artwork, he creates a lush wall of sound with a nice artistic appeal. Initially inspired after seeing Daft Punk live, he has pursued creating music that triggers "a chain reaction of body movement, which then evolves into dancing. "

Re:set: Resynthformation

Inspired by the remixes of Becko, Hopes die last bass, and Vox, Resynthformation does not follow the archetypal pattern of dubstep. The album was released under Sostanze Records in Rome, Italy. Re:set has succeeded in mixing styles, making this release a raw and genuine hybrid-style project. It shows a kind of style that is often lacking in electronic music these days.

StrangeZero: Nanofly

Are you itching to go on a feel trip? StrangeZero‘s newest album is your ideal companion. Founded in 1998 by Greek friends Stelios and Io-V, their ambient wet dreams have been a composite of trance music’s former glory and today’s sweeping EDM rhythms — all in bite-sized quantities. With their latest release, Nanofly, the duo promises to “travel with machines, dreams, and whispering screams.”

Sole: Dispatches From The American Fall

When it comes to expressing thoughts and views into music, Sole is one emcee that delivers his mind loud and clear through his tracks. Dispatches from the American Fall is the latest compilation from the outspoken musician whose real name is Tim Holland. Based in Portland, Maine, he founded and managedthe label, Anticon. He has also been a part of groups like Live Poets, So Called Artists and Deep Puddle Dynamics to name a few. This 23-track mixtape contains cuts filled with scathing thoughts and diatribes about the system. Whether it's about economy, society and the perils of living in an "evil" empire. The tracks feature soliloquies gathered over a decade and layered over catchy beats. It's an interesting record that should feed your political and revolutionary inclinations.