Ending Satellites: 7 Billion Passengers Only One Flight Left

Cinematic is one of the words that best describe Ending Satellites' new album 7 Billion Passengers|Only One Flight Left. Hints of rock, alternative and electronica litter across the album; making it an intriguing record to have. According to their site, the album is "both musical and photographic." The goal is to provide listeners a chance to explore the melodies along with images (which you can find on their site.) The album has a beautiful concept and it also features collaborations from several talented artists.

The United93: The United93

The United93 is a rock band from the Korea. In a country where rock music is a minority and pretty much pop music reigns supreme, it's amazing and a real treat to find groups that rock out as much as these guys. Although it's a bit tough to find info about them, it does seem that they're quite popular in the Korean rock scene. They were named as Band of the Month in a prestigious music magazine in Korea. This self-titled EP was released back in 2010 and available as a free download under a Creative Commons license. The compilation is an uncharacteristic marriage of prog, punk and industrial elements.


I may not understand full sentences of Spanish but there's something about Deplasticoverde that's quite intriguing and special. Deplasticoverde is a special project spearheaded by Carolina Espinoza. A young Spanish artist that released her debut EP in 2010 under Ponk Records. Shaped by folk and pop influences, the album undulates with beautiful acoustic guitars and sweet singing from the artist. Her songs are simple but they abound with meaningful vocals and some spunky attitude which is enough to make you want to listen even if you have no clue what she's singing about.

The Freak Fandango Orchestra: Tales Of A Dead Fish

Making their second appearance here in Frostclick, the gypsy folk, Barcelona band are back with a new record. The Freak Fandango Orchestra is an energetic and quirky bunch of musicians who like to play fun and unusual music. Their first record Love, Death and a Drunken Monkey was entertaining and came doused with beautiful instrument work and amusing lyrics. For their latest release, Tales of a Dead Fish, they retain their crazy upbeat sound, still incorporating humor, superb instrument work and a very catchy beat to every single one of their cuts.

Vernon Lenoir: The Rites of Sausage

For times when all you need is a funky and quirky party album, pop over Vernon Lenoir's The Rites of Sausage and you should be good to go. This crazy party album mixes loud beats, 8-bit pixel goodness and a dose of remade pop culture. The super talented composer/ sampling-genius has released several compilations from various netlabels like UpItUp, VM Recordings, and Ego Twister. This time around, he ventures over to Chinstrap Records and unloads his genius samples via The Rites of Sausage. From the Macarena to Inspector Gadget, the record is a sure mix of funky goodness.

Captain Stu: Free Music EP

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Captian Stu has been performing throughout the region ever since 2003. The five piece band brings us some of the most upbeat sounds I heard in a while and with the unique and highly addicting blend of ska, funk, punk, and just a touch of a fresh African flavor, their music will surely bring back all the wonderful days of summer that are slowly getting away. So go ahead and get yourself a little bit of sunshine infused beats of the released in August of 2010 Free Music EP. And yes, just as the title suggests it is yours to enjoy entirely free of charge.

The Upstairs: Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi EP

Music is universal. Sometimes you don't need to understand or know a language just to appreciate a song. Take the Indonesian band The Upstairs' debut EP, Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi; just one listen and you'll adore the hipster new wave album even if you have no clue what they're singing about. This album is released under Yes No Wave record and is available for free download under a Creative Commons license. Mixing punk, dance, new wave and plenty of fun, the band released the record in celebration of Jakarta's Independence Day. It served as a present to their fans especially the ones that have been by the band's side since they first started.

Aor Agni: Join The Circle

A little different from what we usually feature here in Frostclick, Join The Circle by Aor Agni is a full-on, electronic, ambient/chillout compilation that most music lovers will enjoy. Although there's not much online about the artist except that they're from France; the music speaks for itself. Join The Circle beautifully combines meditative beats and soothing, moody, sporadic lyrics; perfectly capturing a relaxing mood. Formed back in 2003, the group makes use of several samples on this record, including songs from Central Station and Freesound Project.

Daniel and the Lions: Kowalskiy’s Free Monthly Scottish EP #13

Kowalskiy is an independent Scottish music blog that specializes in compiling free music and releasing them into free EPs. The name is derived from the infamous character played by Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, a 1947 film about culture clashes. As its name suggest, EP#13, is the 13th EP released from the music blog. It gathers 5 tracks from different, very talented local artists. Exploring different genres, the short EP features songs that range from alternative grunge to indie pop and even a Scottish acoustic folk track. It's a great vehicle to discover new sound and the best part is that it's offered absolutely free.