Pop Rock

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Carlos Castaño: Permanence City Light Soundtrack

Singer/songwriters have a penchant for writing about love, ad nasuem— But Carlos Castaño, a Filipino musician, armed with his acoustic-guitar-of-emotional-distress breathes new life into the subject with his vulnerability; combining crowd-pleasing beats with clever wordplay and an introspective take on what is evidently, his preferred subject matter.

Father Figure: People Leave

People Leave is the debut release of Father Figure – a musical act of two people who have been collaborating musically for years. Composed of Sean Steinmetz and Matthew Babenko, both sharing vocals and guitar duties, and are both from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania.

Tim Be Told: Humanity

Tim Be Told exploded onto the music scene with its signature flavor of pop, rock and soul. Humanity is the Charlottesville-based band latest musical project featuring the band’s pop rock sound, which a critic from MTV Iggy described it as “a great sounding cocktail of Maroon 5 meets Jason Mraz meets Ray Charles meets Elton John.” This sampler via Noisetrade features four tracks from their latest album titled Humanity.

BRONCHO: An Introduction To BRONCHO

Get to know new wave rock band BRONCHO in their five-track sampler released via Noisetrade. In this collection, the Oklahoma-based trio crafts sleek, groove-inducing melodies with guitar-driven instrumentation and a fuzzy atmosphere.

Derek Clegg: Life Unfolds EP

With already a number of releases under his belt, Derek Clegg returns to our blog with another set of tracks in, Life Unfolds, which was originally released in 2012. Much of his previous works have been featured here on Frostclick as well, including his debut album KJC which has reached more than 100,000 downloads since it first grazed the pages of the blog.

Portuguese Bend: The Coach EP

For those who are looking to add another name to their list of jangly pop favorites, Portuguese Bend is a band to watch out for. With the release of their three-track EP, The Coach, this New York band is making a strong case to let them into your music library.