Kruunu is a nice little platformer that was released on January 18th. This is the first project for Finnish game developer, Jukio Kallio, after going into game development full time. The game lets you play as a tiny blue character whose goal is to climb a tower and take the crown. Why are you aiming to climb this really high tower just to receive this crown? Apparently, elders in the land believe that whoever gets it will become the next ruler. Hence, your adventure and trials begin. Even though Kallio admits that the game was simply a part time project done in a span of months, it doesn't look like it was rushed or done haphazardly. It's actually a neat little platformer that almost anybody can enjoy.


Like most puzzle games, Propel contains almost the same basic mechanics. You find the exit, which is often cleverly hidden, so you can clear a particular level. However, despite the basic gameplay and mechanics, Propel manages to stand out thanks to the way it carefully combines platform gaming and solving puzzles. The game not only allows you to solve puzzles but it also makes sure that you practice and hone your motor-skills with its platformer type of gameplay. Propel was developed by Abscure Games and was actually a remake of an old game they had called "The Fall Game." If you're looking for an interesting puzzler, then give this one a go.

Pushover (remake)

Pushover is a revamped version of an old puzzle game back in the 90s. The main point of the game is that you have to figure out how to arrange the dominoes properly so that you can knock all of them down with just one push. The game is pretty much the same as the older version with several improvements added in the bag, of course. The puzzle pieces start off simple enough, but they do get much more complicated as you progress throughout the game. To add to the pressure, there's a time limit for each level so you have to be on your tippy toes when figuring out how to arrange the yellow pieces. The original game was published by Ocean and the remake was made by Ishisoft. Pretty cool puzzle game. Give it a go!

Assassin Blue

Assassin Blue is a cool action-platformer done by Banov. Like most games done by this cool developer, the game is quite interesting and fun to play. You get to control a little dude, named Blue, and traverse 12 levels, fighting and slashing enemies. Some of these enemies include dinosaurs in the sand, by the way. The entire game is done in 2D and features really tight gameplay and funny dialogue. Like most of Banov's games (Dubloon, Wolf or Crazy Over Goo), this one is extremely interesting and definitely worth your while. It has tons of awesome sword and boss fights as well as a good number of unlockable levels that you can enjoy. Go ahead and download the game for free right here or head on over to Banov's website to get it.

The Legend of Edgar

If you are a fan of old school arcade games, then it's not hard to notice that The Legend of Edgar is heavily inspired by the iconic game, Legend of Zelda. It's not just the graphics that reflect the Nintendo title, but also the gameplay. The Legend of Edgar was created by Parallel Realities, same developer for Blob Wars which was featured here in Frostclick last August. It's the latest release from the crew. The game is an adventure platformer that lets you play as Edgar on a quest to find his father. Join our hero in this cool, freeware adventure game. Download the album in the developer's website or hit the Download Game link on the upper left.

Ninja Senki

If you are like me and you simply cannot resist a good ninja platformer, then you'll want to include Ninja Senki on your must-play game list. The game was designed by Jonathan Lavigne and was originally based on the Super NES game Ninja Jajamaru-Kun and Mega Man. Although it's done in simple 8-bit, the game is a refreshing platformer that will satisfy all your shuriken tossing needs. In the game, you play a cute blue ninja named, Hayate, that must avenge the death of his clan's princess, Kinuhime. Go ahead and let out your inner ninja with this cool 8-bit. You'll definitely enjoy it.

Desktop Dungeons

Desktop Dungeons is a cool puzzle, RPG game that will definitely keep you coming back for more. The game features simple and basic gameplay that can last for about 10-15 minutes at a time. However, there are rogue-like elements and surprises that help keep players keep coming back for more. This awesome dungeon crawler lets you to explore different dungeons. Each level is randomly generated so it keeps everything quite interesting. The gameplay is simple but don't be fooled, it's a tough game to master. Surprisingly, it's this juxtaposition of basic and complex that makes the game addictive and engaging. It''s even garnered a fanbase and various forums have sprouted in discussing the various parts of the game like exchanging spells, tactics etc. A game worth checking out.

IWBTG (I Wanna Be The Guy)

I Wanna Be The Guy or better known as IWBTG is not exactly a simple love story. Well, it is about a dude going on an adventure in order to become THE guy. It doesn't stop there, I'll tell you off the bat that it is extremely difficult. However, if you are a glutton for punishment and love being pushed around into complicated, near impossible feats; you'll probably hold this game close to your heart. Another thing to note is that if you are a hardcore NES or SNES fan, you'll be grinning from ear to ear when playing this game. IWBTG combines modded levels of your favorite NES games like Megaman, Battletoads and even Contra; creating a one-of-a-kind, hair-pulling experience. Definitely a hardcore game worth checking out whether you loved Nintendo or not.

Crazy Over Goo

Crazy Over Goo is the brainchild of quirky and entertaining game developer, Banov. This little platformer lets you control a little yellow goo or ball that is in pursuit of his one and only. Although it's not exactly a sequel, it was made as a follow-up to the developer's Assassin Blue. The game is actually a simple point and click adventure that contains 50 or so levels of fun things that you need to do. It also offers a cool level editor as well as plenty of unlockables to enjoy. Crazy Over Goo was initially released back in 2009 and was first known as Yellow Goo Love. If you need something simple but definitely entertaining to play, then you're looking at that game. Give it a try by clicking the download link.