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Jenova 7: Dusted Jazz Volume One

Smooth jazzy trip hop at its finest, Dusted Jazz Volume One is a compilation of 5-tracks created by LA based trip-hop artist, Jenova 7. Combining a laid-back jazz tone with some gorgeous beats, you're bound to enjoy at least one track from this eclectic piece. Dusted Jazz Volume One is released under Dusted Wax Kingdom Label and came out back in October 2011. It served as a bridge for Jenova 7's debut record, Soul For Sale, which is available for purchase here and his The Sounds of Sector 7 album.

Karizma: Cup Cakes & Duct Tape

Cup Cakes and Duct Tape is a 21-track (yes, that many songs included) hip hop compilation from rapper Karizma. This is the latest album from the 16-year old rapper since his debut EP, Every Other F, was released in 2011. Not much has changed since then, in fact his sound has gained more focus now and there's also a bit more variety. Karizma is Morgan Parriott, a teen who enjoys music, making people laugh, wrestling and hails from Minnesota. Despite the young age, the artist is showcasing a whole lot of talent up his sleeve. This one is for fans of Eminem, Nas and J Dilla.

Ian Knox: Trilogy

A prolific producer and so much more, Ian Knox is definitely one busy guy. Before devoting his time to producing, he was actually a rapper. In fact, he managed to release two previous albums prior to just going full time as a producer. Currently, he's focusing on production engineering and has come up with this exclusive compilation of beats that's should serve as the perfect ingredient for remixing. Having the capacity to incorporate a lot of different styles, including jumping from electro pop to dub step with ease; it's obvious you're in for a good and smooth ride as you listen to this mix.

Nick Rivera: Happy Song is a Happy Song

Have a sweet spot for folk electronica music? Happy Song is a Happy Song by Nick Rivera is a compilation you should check out. The man behind this musical project is Michele Sarti, an Italian singer/songwriter who has a gift for transforming various instruments and sounds into a whole menagerie of quiet beauty. His sound captures elusive and fleeting moments so perfectly that it's hard not to fall for it. After years spent playing drums for a number of rock bands, Michele eventually sought more experimental and free form sounds. This led to rediscovering instruments like the French horn and exploring a more meditative, free-folk form of sound.

Tap: Im Different

The Great Society Media Group is a company that serves as a "promotional vehicle for local record labels in NC." CEO & Founder, Tap (Terry Perry) makes his mark by showcasing his unique blend of sound by releasing this latest effort. Combining a variety of genres, Im Different is an interesting mix of sounds and beats. On one part it's classified as typical hip hop and r&b while on the other, you'll find electronic, acoustic and even jazz influences surrounding the record.

Everybody Left: Everybody Left

If you miss the good old days of the 90s when you put on the radio and hear 311 or the Red Hot Chili Peppers creating some funky tracks; you'll probably enjoy listening to Everybody Left. Describing their sound as post ska, reluctant reggae and Funk-Hop; the band sure knows how to throw down catchy beats that don't require much thought. This British Columbia group is composed of Stephen Chatterton, Eric "The Red" Wickman, Steve "Shaggy" Fissel, "Ad-Mac" Adam McIntyre, Steve "Saxman" Cowie and Martin Milbo Schoeps.