Fun and quirky tracks that makes you reflect about hitting the discount store. Canadian songwriter and singer, Dan Bryk, creates fun and catchy pop songs that are easy to listen to and hits you in all the right places. Currently, this Toronto native has relocated to his new home in New York City. Discount Store is his latest offering.

In spite of his indie status, Bryk has a heavy following in Japan and has garnered critical media acclaim for his songwriting. Discount Store is packed with songs that tackle funny, confessional and often blunt heartbreaking lyrics wrapped in some of the catchiest pop melodies out there.

It’s often hard to find a songwriter/singer that could translate raw thoughts and emotions into fun and melodic pop songs. Surprisingly, Dan Bryk’s attempt of this actually works. Bryk has garnered several comparisons for his outright storytelling. His name has been dropped alongside old greats like Randy Newman and Bacharach to contemporary artists like Ben Folds and Conor Oberst.

Discount Store is the artist’s first EP after moving out of his native Toronto. Now that he’s been granted residency in the US, he can properly release and tour within the country without any snags. His latest album “Pop Psychology” is now available in limited CD format as well as for download ($8 for the entire album or name your price for each single) on his website. It features some tracks from the Discount Store EP along with new tracks that the artist has recently recorded.

The title track for the EP, Discount Store, gripes about shopping in a secondhand shop and suffering on the summer heat while the A&R lady gets centralized air. Normal, on the other hand, is an honest track that provides great insight into what every person probably dreams about: getting their own 15 minutes of fame and being loved by somebody. Upbeat track , Put That Boy Away, is a soft and stern warning about staying away from a certain man. Bryk sings out a song of love to his girl in Summer Heroine. The track is a bit cynical but still manages to incorporate some catchy 60s trippy vibe in there.

If you are a fan of geek rock or you have an affinity for songs with witty and slightly cynical lyrics, then you’ll definitely enjoy Dan Bryk and his songs.

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