electro pop

Malik Djoudi: Un

Have you ever heard the saying that music is a universal language? And it is possible to fall in love with a song or album without completely understanding what... Read More

NazcarNation: Dynazty EP

NazcarNation isn't really a band about racing or anything like that, instead they're an electronic indie pop chillwave trio that creates pulsating and catchy tracks. Founded in 2008 by Chris Wargo and Craig Robert Smith, the band first started out back in LA. Drummer/multi-instrumentalist, Mark Balane, soon joined in and they ended up recording most of the tracks on the EP. Skillfully fusing hip hop, ambient, and electronica; theirs songs have a midtempo chill out beat that's easy on the ears.

We Used To Exist: The Lights May Still Show

We Used to Exist is one of those bands you're lucky to come across in your search for awesome indie pop music online. The Lights May Still Show is the first album for the duo and it's sounding like a promising electro pop compilation. Made up of Timothy Lalonde and Dean Rostron, the two had to meet from across two different continents to record the album. They're currently based in Berlin, Germany and even though they are fairly new (just formed back in September 2011) the band is proving that they are worth watching out for.