Fey Moth: Flesh Foam Bread Bone

This three piece music group hailing from Seattle, Washington have a really eccentric taste for electronic music. In a way it feels like listening to something made for the evenings that end with a good drink or a smoke. What makes their album fun is that there is a supernatural element at work, an x-factor that can incite the most languid sensations and make you break out and dance inside the room.

Terrace: Circuits EP

Well-loved band Terrace is back with an edgier approach. Their latest EP released last July 12, Circuits brings you four tracks of electro dance tunes for that psychedelic high. Currently based in Vancouver and Calgary, Terrace is Simon Lock, Isis Graham, and Adam Gasten. Unlike their first album Pollen, which was also featured here in FrostClick, Circuits EP explores the sharp and spacey aesthetic of electro dance music. Intro track Chances approaches with rough electro beats and rapid drumbeats, slowing down to a pace perfect for steady partying. Glowing keys add a dreamy flair to the track.

Mushrooms Suck by Jupiter Skydive – a high energy dance/electronica

Just recently I came across some tracks from this album on thesixtyone.com and couldn't resist digging more. Mushrooms Suck is a very energetic compilation of breakcore/electro/industrial/drum 'n' bass tracks that will just keep your head moving. It is Jupiter Skydive' (Nick) second (out of three) albums and, in my opinion, the best. Every track of the album is different and interesting - my favorite is "Off Road Ice Cream Truck", but it is a close call.

Grace Valhalla: summerCamp

Grace Valhalla is a young French DJ & composer and "summerCamp" is her fourth album. "You'll find many analog sounds, 8bit sounds and guitars in this album. I wanted something warm, a soft music of summer", says Grace Valhalla. Download her Zipped Album or a Torrent file here.

Kanchi: The Ducky Dog

It is a second album by this French DJ. It offers a nicely blended mixture of Breakbeat, Hip Hop & Electronica. Full of energy, with varied tempos and textures, it's perfect to listen to while you work or study. My favorite are 'Nasty boy' and 'Fanboyz' - Enjoy!