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Braves: Seapunk

Emerging from the Perth music scene is Braves, a four-piece band that operates around the lo-fi, dream pop genre. The band has gained to comparison to other acts such as Cloud Nothings and Beach Fossils.

Radiator Hospital: Torch Song

The term DIY is a word that has been thrown a lot to describe a myriad of things – home improvement projects, clothing, and even in music. However, some bands confuse DIY with “we-made-this-album-ourselves-which-is-why-it-sounds-like-crap”. But not Radiator Hospital. Their second album, Torch Song is a polished 15-track output from this awesome Philadelphia band.

Foreign Fields: Little Lover EP

Certain music fits a certain mood or setting. It is raining outside and you are locked inside your house with nothing to do but stare outside the window, little drops of rain trickling down the glass. Or, it is 2 a.m. and you are suddenly jolted awake with no hopes of returning to sleep soon so you fix yourself a cup of coffee and sit in the dark, stirring the spoon in the hot mug. For both scenarios, Foreign Fields’ Little Lover album can suddenly play in the background and it wouldn’t disrupt anything.

Scowler: How To Find Light

We will never run out of new bands to discover and new music to try. With the great number of bands breaking musical boundaries, the number of new genres are also staggering. Meet Scowler, a band who self-decribes their sound as “Milwaukee non-denominational hardcore”. But can we all agree that amidst all these new multi-hyphenated genres, all good music will just be defined as what it really is? Good music.

Father Figure: People Leave

People Leave is the debut release of Father Figure – a musical act of two people who have been collaborating musically for years. Composed of Sean Steinmetz and Matthew Babenko, both sharing vocals and guitar duties, and are both from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania.

Ray Brown: Canyon

Performing since 2010, singer-songwriter Ray Brown hails from Salem, New York. Canyon is the first release from the artist and it’s been described as a sandwich of fun and tragedy at the same time. Containing 12-tracks, Brown’s genre of choice is acoustic folk but he manages to extend and incorporate a little bit of alternative and country to the mix as well.

Derek Clegg: Life Unfolds EP

With already a number of releases under his belt, Derek Clegg returns to our blog with another set of tracks in, Life Unfolds, which was originally released in 2012. Much of his previous works have been featured here on Frostclick as well, including his debut album KJC which has reached more than 100,000 downloads since it first grazed the pages of the blog.

Ivan Black: Genuit Machina EP

Based in Mexico, Breathe Compilations has long been a haven of eclectic electronica and dark, dub waves. The label has been around since 2008 and they've become a platform for several releases; offering them all for free download under a Creative Commons License. Ivan Black's Genuit Machina EP consists of 4 tracks that paint ethereal and dark soundscapes; making you feel as if you're walking through a dark, slightly menacing, tunnel in the middle of the night.

Chuck Morgan: Chuck Morgan EP

After discovering Aaahhh Records two years ago, (Uniform Motion's Pictures was one the first reviews I did for the blog) they've definitely come a long way. They've added great acts to their roster and continue to deliver some of the most amazing indie folk compilations available. And yes, they're still offering everything absolutely free! Chuck Morgan is the newest addition to their lineup and he's definitely got that special touch as well. His self-titled debut EP echoes with a beautiful sonic presence. Armed with an acoustic guitar and gorgeous melodies, it's a record that's a potential staple on your playlist.