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Need help organizing tasks? TaskMate can help you organize your daily tasks and make sure that you have a productive time throughout the day. The program itself is quite small and will easily attach to any portion of the main screen. TaskMate can remind you of things that you need to do for the day; tick the activities off once you are done and move on to the next one.


OpenSong is a simple but very useful software for managing lyrics, chords, lead sheets as well as presenting them during performances or gatherings. Perfect for musicians; this music managing software is available as a free download online. The program works for a variety of systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX; giving the user great flexibility and convenience when it comes to presenting their music to a crowd or group.

Tweek Auto Post

No doubt Twitter has become a part of a lot of people's daily lives. In fact, for some, it's hard not to sneak a tweet or two even in the most unconventional/prohibited places like the workplace! If you are looking for a more efficient (and much safer) way of getting your 140 word thoughts out even while you are busy, you can use Tweek Auto Post to post your messages at a scheduled time.


Although some people might think that the days of the CD/DVD is going South, there are still in fact plenty of people who use these shiny little round plastics for various purposes. If you need help setting up a special mix CD or simply need to save data on CD/DVD, then Infrarecorder can help you out with that. This is one open source software that you can count on when it comes to most of your burning needs.

Fast Picture Viewer (32 bit)

If you are a professional photographer (or even a novice one) and you need a program that can help you go through tons of pictures in a short amount of time, Fast Picture Viewer could be your best solution. Fast Picture Viewer is an image viewing program that helps you preview and rate your digital images faster. The program is very minimal in function and options but it gets the job done without any complications.


A majority of the tools we have for defragging will only let us defrag the entire drive and never just a portion of a drive. With Defraggler, you are given a choice to defrag just a part of your drive in order to get the best results. Defraggler is an all-free program that helps to reorganize your RAM and makes sure that computer is performing efficiently. It's an easy to download software that also contains a simple interface to use.


It's not hard to notice that there are countless "get things done" or GTD programs available online. Another one that takes its place on the roster is ThinkingRock. This program will help you get things done without any hassles. The program is great at forcing you to organize things logically following a strict process of collecting, processing, organizing and reviewing, so no more excuses.

Sayz Me

There are times when we simply want to listen to something as opposed to actually reading them. If you are an avid fan of text to speech programs or simply looking for one, then Sayz Me is one software you might want to try out. Reading through countless pages is much easier by simply copying and pasting the text onto Sayz Me and then listening to it. The program is very easy to use, provides a practical interface and best of all, absolutely free.