Hell is Now Love Records Sampler

Hell is Now Love Records Sampler is a compilation of some of the best bands the label has to offer. Practically throwing it at your feet, the album is available as a free download. It contains 7 tracks from bands like Lost Rockets, Mason Chic and Black Science to name a few. All of them are under the label's roster and have already released or will release their own albums in the next months or so. Containing a flurry mix of rock, indie pop, alternative plus a touch of psychedelic noise; the sampler makes for a good jumping point into the labels band bin.

Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo: Scream Dream

Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo is a hodegepodge of sounds and genres. On the one hand, you get songs emanating with an indie electronic folk rock vibe, but as you progress through the album you encounter a darker, noise rock, experimental sound that leaves you wondering what happened. Well, for one, Flesh Forest and The Elephant Only Zoo are two different bands. Although both hail from Massachusetts, soundwise, that's about as far as similarities go. The former describe themselves as mainly into gothic/psychedelic electronica while the latter dubs themselves as belonging to the acousmatic/ tape music/ visual genre. Despite the differences, this five-track mini record resonates with both individuality and coherence.

Asalto Al Parque Zoologico: Asalto Al Parque Zoologico EP

Asalto Al Parque Zoologico EP is the self titled release from relative newcomers, Asalto Al Parque Zoologico. This eclectic noise pop electronic band will certainly impress if you love music like this. The songs are interesting on their own but when coupled with sweet feminine vocals and a cool beat; you have a great bunch of tracks worth checking out. This Argentinian band first hit the waves back in 2008 and since then have easily climbed onto the music ladder in their native country. This 5 track EP was a result of recording, mixing, editing and performing for over a year. It's a solid compilation that's definitely worth listening to.

Bad Fate: Olympic City

Fairly new in the music business, Bad Fate, releases a debut record filled with raw emotions, noise and a good amount of energy to keep everyone beaming happy. Production values might not be top notch on this one but it certainly has a rawness that is fresh and interesting. Olympic City comes with seven noisy grunge tracks juxtaposed with beautiful feminine shouty vocals (occasional male vocals too). Think Chrissy Hynde if she decided to scream her way through most of their songs. Check out this indie pop grunge sound by downloading the album. It's available for free in Jamendo.