Listening to Laura Stevenson and the Cans is like lying in a hammock under the shade and drifting away to dreamland. This amazing indie folk/rock artist beautifully mixes relaxing rhythms and melodies beautifully, making it look effortless.

This album came about after Laura took several years steering clear from creating a compilation. Hence, when she finally decided to drop the sabbatical, “A Record,” was born. In this one, you’ll find a great variety of textures, instruments and simply gorgeous vocals from the singer and her crew.

Most of her albums are available for purchase and they are definitely worth it.  However, you can enjoy this one free.
Laura Stevenson and the Cans has released several records as an independent band but they will be debuting under indie label, Don Giovanni Records. The group is slated to release Sit Resist, this coming April 2011.

In the meantime, A Record, will also be getting a re-release under Asian Man Records at the same time. As for its free digital version, it is available at BandCamp as well as QuoteUnquote Records.

This somber and melodic record is a treasure trove of folk, acoustic, pop, and indie rock sound. It’s this eclectic mix of instruments that makes the group quite endearing. Opener, Baby Bones, is a sweet track that is simply hard not to fall for. Laura’s beautiful voice is absolutely adorable. The abrupt shift in tempo and back is quite unexpected but definitely nicely done. Meanwhile, Landslide Song, The Dig is a more upbeat cut that mixes dirty guitars, a punk even ska sound along with Laura’s really fine vocals.

Beets Untitled is a fun indie pop track that mixes trumpets and has a bit of jazzy feel. The song is moderately paced, not to slow and not to fast. Again, the group showcases their excellent mix and match instrument work as it combines with Laura’s strong vocal work.

Overall, the album is a wonderful mix of soft and hard, sweet and rough, clean and dirty instruments as well as vocal work. It’s certainly a wonderful piece to check out.

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