Since it’s release at the end of June, Creative Destruction 2 has already made a splash in the online community and today I am more than excited to bring you the nine amazing, rich in texture, deep unapologetic lyrical rap, and mind-blowing beats, tracks that, hopefully, will make your day.
It is truly an amazing feeling when you finally come across an artist like Kenton Dunson; artist who not only decided to share his work for free with all of our FrostClick/FrostWire followers, but whose dedication and passion have turned his latest, self-produced hip-hop album into something that certainly will take you a long, long time to forget!

Kenton Dunson, a Maryland-based musician, rapper and singer have boldly traded his quickly progressing career in finance for a chance at his life-long passion – music – in February of 2010. For many, such a drastic move swiftly turns into that famous ‘get back to reality’ moment, but for the selected few, including Dunson (in my opinion), such a radical change can be a start of a great musical career.


Dunson’s first try at utilizing his own vocal work, lyrics, and beats came with the release of the debut 13-song album, Kenton Dunson Progressions, in June of 2010. This soul-tinged hip-hop and r&b release came with a positive response from the local and online community and quickly injected the artist with the need for a more ambitious undertaking that would take his musical career to a new height. And so in August of the same year Kenton began his journey working on songs for Creative Destruction, an unfiltered hip-hop album which illustrates the sacrifice and journey of the ambitious individual and also includes more assertive yet tangible musical undertones and arrangements.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Timberland, Kanye West, Radiohead, and Citizen Cope, Kenton certainly found his own unique voice. Creative Destruction was an undeniable step in the right direction, bringing us a great set of hip-hop tracks and ultimately making a huge step up with the latest release of the Creative Destruction 2.

Creative Destruction 2 is filled with tracks that could just become the next big thing, so be on the lookout! Beginning with what I can easily say is my very favorite, The Rolling Stone feat. Garrett Anderson comes with jaw-dropping combination of guitars, piano, drum, rich lyrics and vocals by Dunson, and more than just catchy hook by Anderson. Firestarter feat. Ryan Kellie is another hit in the making, and just like the Rolling Stone provides us with yet another example of Kenton’s talent when it comes to producing, writing, and composing the best of hip-hop sounds. I could easily write another thousand words on the album, but I think the right time just came to leave you one on one with the music. So be sure to check the rest of the amazing tracks, enjoy, and support the artist.

Want to learn more about the album? Well it’s always best to hear from the artist himself:

Creative Destruction 2 is about more than Kenton Dunson. It’s about life, ambition, heartbreak and most importantly, passion. When I came up with the Creative Destruction concept for the first album, I didn’t think it would turn into a series. But as a developing artist in a saturated music environment, I know it’s important to display what you have as soon as it’s ready. This time around, the term Creative Destruction meant replacing my old creative approach as an artist to build more tangible songs that touched a wider base of listeners while remaining original. I believe I struck a solid balance with Creative Destruction 2. I kept the album short and relevant, there’s no fluff on this project. It’s all self-produced and I was able to include two great features to round out the album. This is my best work to date and the momentum is amazing.

– Kenton Dunson

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