As if prophesying their own big break, The Next Big Thing became an instant hit for cheeky electro/hip hop and pop duo, Mouth’s Cradle. (The boys have easily hit the 100k mark with Frostclick & FrostWire alone).

They’re now back with a brand new record, bringing in tow their brand of lighthearted, sonically arresting and vocally invigorating sound.

Composed of Syracuse grads, Kevin “Mouf” Moufadus and Brandon “Master Rogers” Linn; Mouth’s Cradle carefully weaves the threads of art and pop as well as hip hop and dance.

This is one of those records where it’s really hard not to listen to the lyrics as the song plays. Naming their latest release after the Man of Steel, Clark Kent; the album is a mix of pop, hip hop and electronic sounds.

With quirky lyrics attached to every track, you’ll find yourself finger-tapping and smiling randomly at their clever lines. Moreover, their carefully crafted beats call to mind long forgotten children’s sing-song rhymes. It’s hard not to find yourself singing along to the ditty after a listen or two.

Mouth’s Cradle are not only known for their catchy hooks but more than anything for their original lyrics. In Real Men, they tackle anything from LBJ to Pokemon. Armed with a cute and catchy beat, even children can easily enjoy this song. Of course, if your kid does listen, you might want to mute out certain parts of the cut. The boys can easily capture listeners like a fly on a paper trap. More than the lyrics they spit out, it’s the beat the makes the audience take notice. Check out tracks like American Boys and The Fever.

People who have seen the guys live also swear by their on-stage presence and charisma. That should be something to check out if you find them in your area.

In the end, Clark Kent, is a solid and fun compilation. It has a little bit of everything and you can tell the boys have put in a lot of effort in creating an exciting and unique sound.

If you’re a fan of unconventional electronic/pop hip hop fusion (or pretty much any good music), this is an album you shouldn’t pass up on. It’s currently offered at a name-your-price option at their BandCamp and licensed under Creative Commons. This is worth every space on your player, if you ask me. Listen and grab the download.

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