We often try to distinguish a particular genre’s beauty by its instruments, vocals, and overall arrangement. Alternative rock expresses itself through a multitude of deep-set tones, grunge, and texture evocative of the type of darkness that lurks in tightly spaced underground gigs.

The Bourgeois‘ self-titled album dresses itself with the signature characteristics of punk garage, but also finds refuge in the subdued layers of slow rock.


Hailing from Tulsa, OK, The Bourgeois (boo-zwah) is the brainchild of power trio Zach Mobley (guitar/vocals), Ty Clark (drums), and Shawn Kintz (bass). The band’s music is structured over waves of influences from popular bands such as Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smiths, Violent Femmes, The Talking Heads, and Pixies. However, even though the band looks up to a handful of icons, they still take pride in delivering their own unique sound.

The five tracks on the album play a specific role. Each acts as an entry point into understanding a kind of musical synesthesia. In the first track, Perverting The American Dream, the band slowly adds pigments of grainy guitars and aural post-punk, creating a steady sonic rush that explores the beauty of noise and controlled silence.

Whenever I’m With You plunges in different waters. The sharpness and roughness of textured guitars offer a potential for some head-banging, body-sweating movements. Each grungy undertone takes us to the smell of beer, the sight of moshpits, and the friction of bodies dancing in tight spaces.

Smoke and Mirrors creates hues of surf rock guitars that strike through solid drum beats. A jangle of slurring vocals adds to the eccentrics of the piece while still maintaining its rhythm.

The Bourgeois features a balance between danceable beats and dark, cavernous soundscapes. Track by track, the album unravels elements of gloom and deep-seated emotions, transforming them into modern, one-of-a-kind music that, upon playing, feels like a warm embrace.

Track List:
1. Perverting The American Dream
2. Whenever I’m With You
3. Electric Shock Value
4. Be Your Own Machine
5. Smoke And Mirrors

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