Nikoo is noise. If you love noise pop with verses and choruses sung in chants, then this is the album you’ve been waiting for. Nikoo is a Dutch band that loves their pop music but only a wee bit louder, okay, much louder.

Infused with dirty guitars, drawling vocals and great pop hooks and melodies; this EP certainly makes a good introduction for the band. Definitely not bad for an EP that was recorded in just three nights. Take a listen.

Nikoo would make great ambassadors for all the things there is to love about noise pop. If you have never heard of noise music before and maybe seriously thinking about giving it a try, go ahead and check out this record.

Cuts like Cow and Do Love Me best display Nikoo’s capabilities. Filled with lush, heavily distorted guitars and barnyard madness with poppy/quirky melodies; their style of music showcases what Jesus Mary Chain would have been like if they were into pop.

The group is still relatively new, having met at the club scene and gigs from their respective factions. Nikoo’s de facto leader, Joep Van Son is actually, also a member of  indie pop group, The Very Sexuals.

Currently, the band is working on another EP. Fans can also expect them in a couple of live shows like Incubate and VERA Groningen.

Those new to noise rock might find this compilation a bit off putting but if you’re one of the few who sweetly smiles while listening to the guitar feedback and E-bow solo in the end part of Pumpkin’s Drown, then you’ll surely appreciate this.

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