Probably one of the best folk record released for the year. The beautiful sound of My Bubba & Mi originate from three lovely ladies from Denmark. All three of them carry their instruments and create some of the loveliest, melodic, folk tracks you will ever hear. It might sound like an overstatement, but if you adore relaxing folk music, then this is a must have record.

By coincidence or fate, My Bubba and Mia, became roommates in Copenhagen. They discovered each other’s passion for music as they spent the many months together. Sharing laughters, singing and practicing. An invitation to head for Italy knocked on their doors; soon enough the girls found themselves heading home with a record on hand.¬†Truly a wonderful album to listen to. It’s hard to imagine why this is being offered for free but I’m not complaining. Awesome download right here.

Mixing gorgeous harmonies with expert finger picking, these ladies definitely know how to strike a beautiful chord. How It’s Done in Italy is their first album and is released on both We Were Never Being Boring and Beep! Beep! Back Up The Truck. As of the moment, the ladies are currently on tour in Europe.

This amazing album comes with 10 tracks that compile melodic harmonies, expert guitar and organ work as well as a sincerity that is hardly present in most folk acoustic records. Gone opens up the compilation with an enigmatic, almost 50s sounding vocal work. Its quirky lyrics is endearing and makes you think of quiet reminiscing in the sunny countryside. Steamengeene is another countryside-nostalgia inducing track that features a surprisingly beautiful sample of a steam engine in the background. It has a slightly upbeat vibe  and makes you feel as if you are inside a steam engine looking out onto the beautiful fields as they pass by. Singing and humming away.

If you don’t like the tracks mentioned above, you have 8 more to choose from. Every single one of the cuts bring a sense of homeyness with them. It’s like a glove that perfectly fits. It simply feels a part of you. A highly-recommended record for folk lovers everywhere.

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