My Foolish Heart is a beautiful acoustic, alternative pop rock duo that was initially formed back in 2007. They started out doing covers of anything from Buddy Holly to Britney’s Toxic and now they’ve finally branched out to release their own tracks.

Sootiness, Sonsy Girl is their latest compilation. It’s a beautiful mixture of melodies, acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies that’s intertwined with a reflective, laid-back mood. Most of the songs were recorded with as minimal use of technology as possible. Opting instead for a cleaner, more raw performance by playing instruments that resound with an orchestra feel rather than electronics. Certainly, a nice album to retreat to.

This sweet compilation opens with the title track, Sootiness, Sonsy Girl. The cut features a nice blend of acoustic instruments that are coupled with strong yet feminine vocals. It’s a catchy single that opens the compilation smoothly, letting listeners catch a glimpse of what the band has to offer before fully immersing themselves. It’s followed by Let Me Down Easy; a slow, acoustic track that’s equivalent to what it feels like swinging in a hammock on a lovely summer day.

Other cuts in the record include the Pearly Gates which is a cover from English pop rock band, Prefab Sprout. Filled with reflective reverie, the song echoes with quiet musings coupled with gorgeous harmonies and instrument work. Painting the Halo and Henedlotter on The Way are also quiet tracks that perfectly expresses the group’s affinity for the raw and acoustic. Emphasizing piano, strings and harmonic instruments instead of the electronic sound, My Foolish Heart creates a subtle but profound impression on its listeners.

Although the duo are gearing up to experiment more with their sound, there is no denying their love and suitability to this quiet folk pop sound. The band is made up of Caterina Sandri, Stefano Ordazzao and Davide Moretti. Check out the record and let it take you away to a far away dreamy soundscape.

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