Combining folk, acoustic and pop in a beautiful, melodic album takes a lot. However, EllusBellus manages to breeze through it without much trouble. The Chicago duo have been around for a couple of years carefully crafting their brand of fun, folk pop music that brings to mind wonderful summertime afternoons.

Sticks, Stones & My Bones is their latest offering. It features 6 tracks that range from slow, melodic goodness to upbeat and fun pop beats. It’s one of those records you could play as a summer soundtrack as you frolic on the beach with friends, go biking around the neighborhood or simply relax in the park. 

The faces behind the sound are Eian O’Brien and Brennan Walls. Calling themselves, Ellus Bellus; you’ll find the duo showcasing their talent on “open mics and street corners” all over Chicago.

Emphasizing the importance of interaction and connections, their songs resonate with a quiet charm that almost anyone can relate with. Whether it’s the reflective nuance of title track, Sticks, Stones & My Bones; the upbeat folk pop ditty, Like The Rest or the dreamy, emotion-filled, Spin, you’re bound to be entranced by these DIY musicians. Each song resounds in sincerity as it incorporates great vocals, instrument work and a catchy tune.

Taking advantage of the internet, the boys took the helm in every aspect of the recording process and are even taking care of publicity and promotion for the album. These guys definitely deserve more than a pat on the back for their efforts.

You can reward them by taking a listen, downloading or buying their latest compilation. It’s a record that will not only serve as a fun album for creating memories, but it’s also perfect for any indie folk lover keeping an eye out for their new favorite band.

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