Mortys is a lovely short story about a little boy desperately looking to spend some quality time with his overworked mother. Growing up in the 21st century is not an easy feat for any young man; now add the fact that your mother is Death herself and you are faced with an entirely new set of family complications.

With it’s superb editing, stunning visuals, and some wonderful music compositions, it than comes with no surprise that today’s animation has already traveled to and won awards at numerous festivals across Europe.

In the story we are introduced to Mortys, a young boy desperately seeking more attention from his mother. Being Death, however, is a full time job with some serious overtime hours; so instead of having fun with her little boy, the mother has to spend most of her time harvesting souls in the world of the living, filling paperwork, and waiting for her next victim.

Unhappy with the family situation, Mortys builds a system capable of performing all of his mother’s work automatically from the comfort of their own house; Mrs. Death, however, is not so convinced about the capabilities of the machine and orders it to be put away.
To prove his mother wrong, the boy quickly decides to launch his newly built program while his busy parent is out taking care of yet another mortal soul. Nothing, however, goes as planned and our main character soon learns that death requires more contact and patience than any machine can offer.

This delightful short film is co-directed by Gaëlle Lebègue, Ness, Mathieu Vidal, Nicolas Villeneuve, and produced by ESMA Montpellier. If you enjoyed it as much as I did make sure to click here and take a closer look at the process of making of the animation.

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