After a short hiatus, blocSonic is now back on track in releasing their latest addition to their Netbloc compilations, Netbloc 34: The Whitewash. As expected, the 14-track record is a goldmine of new sound. Featuring relatively new and unknown artists from all over the world playing different genres, the album is quite an enjoyable record worth raving about.

We’ve featured several of these compilations from the label right here on Frostclick. You can check them here and here. All of them are available as a free download and serve as a great way to discover new bands or new music in the CC licensed music world.

Like previous netBlocs, The Whitewash mixes together different genres of music and aims to give new bands a chance to shine with their unique sound. You get a helping of pop, electropop, punk, electronic jazz and even hip-hop in this mix. Most of the artists hail from various netlabels but there are a couple that are independently released.

The album starts off with a dance electropop single from Enough Records staple, The Easton Ellises. Yakuza Baby features lovely synth vocals and very catchy disco tune worth any club dancefloor. It’s followed by the jazzy and sultry pop track from The Womb. They fill their track with spacey backgrounds and whispery vocals making you think of seedy rooms and alleyways.

The Whitewash switches gears by the middle portion and injects some hip hop lovin’ from Frenic of Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel and ILLUS and DJ Johnny Juice with their single, Ready Remix. Meanwhile, The Frankenstone from Yes No Wave label serve as the punk representatives for this compilation. Their sound is a heavy mix of guitars, fast drumming and shouty vocals characteristic of the punk ethos.

Overall, the record is a great piece to have. It’s filled with all the goodness you’ve come to expect from netBloc compilations along with some really cool surprises along the way. Grab the download and take a listen.

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