Dropbox is all about file sharing and it comes with an extra 2GB (about the space of a USB drive) of free space that you can access from your phone or from other computers.

Dropbox is revolutionizing the way we work, play and travel. A colleague, client or friend across the globe can ‘drop’ a file in your box, essentially onto your computer. You upload or open as if it’s saved on your own computer and a way you go.

With Dropbox you can access your files from their website, from the software you’ve saved on your computer or from your smartphone. When something suddenly comes up and you want to open a file or give someone else a document, you can use your phone or any computer with Internet to drop it into their Dropbox on their computer – providing they have a Dropbox too.

It’s great for travelers to save and back-up their pictures online without carrying an USB (or even a computer if you can use a hotel or hostel’s computers). You don’t have to worry about carrying or losing memory sticks, USB drives or even a laptop.

Photographers, writers, journalists, musicians or many kinds of freelance and creative types can also back-up their work on the road, and at the same time when an employer’s wants to work, they just need to log on and drop it to the required file.

The 2GB will give you heaps of photo, audio and file space, but video clips would have to be super short. Online file sharing is the future and its potential uses are unlimited.

There are only small drawbacks. On a Netbook or smaller device it can upload and download pretty slowly but it works and it worth the advantages of traveling light.

You need a new email and a new hard drive for each Dropbox so it’s not convenient as a long term archive to replace existing system when you fill your 2GB. However, it would make a great short term archive.

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